Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak 700ml


Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak is a delightfully complex, multi-dimensional single malt whisky, with vanilla, fruit and coconut highlights. Matured in hand-selected fresh American ex-Bourbon casks, the whisky is brought down to 46% with Kavalan spring water to give an incredibly smooth taste with a soft sweetness, losing the harshness of the alcohol's edge which can be present in the higher strength Solist version. It has a clean and fresh tropical fruitiness with lingering vanilla, coconut and spices.

Every bottle of Kavalan is double distilled and aged in one of Kavalan’s two maturation warehouses, each 5 storeys high, where it is left to mature in the tropical heat of Taiwan’s East Coast until the whiskies are judged by the master blender to be at their peak perfection.

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