Glenfiddich 21 Year Reserva Rum Cask Finish with Box ABV 43.2% 200ml (Bottle Label may not in good condition)

The Whisky Shop Singapore

Take Note- Bottle Label may not in good condition

Patiently matured for 21 years on-site at our Distillery, our 21 Year Old 20cl is an exquisite, traditional Speyside whisky, rich and ripe with our Glenfiddich signature notes. But rather than bottle it, as other distillers would, our Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, hand picks selected barrels and adds a sublime finishing touch. By finishing our 21 Year Old in Caribbean rum casks it awakens the liquid, rousing it with extra exotic notes of ginger, fig, lime and banana and a vibrant spicy toffee warmth, elevating it from something great to something extraordinary. Which ultimately, makes it the perfect gift for all occasions. Raised in Scotland. Roused by the Caribbean.

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