Clynelish 12 Year Old Special Release 2022 Single Malt Scotch Whisky ABV 58.50% 700ml


An unusual Clynelish with just a slight trace of waxiness: the finishing casks have added sweetness and spiciness, developing the distillery character in an interesting way. Bright sweet fruitiness combines with intense oakiness to create a Clynelish of radiant sweet-spicy intensity. 

Tasting Notes


Liquid sunlight. Bright gold.


Creamy top notes soon give way to light yet complex fruity and herbal aromas; subtle, understated suggestions of fruity mincemeat, tinned pears, even heather honey. Deeper still, spicy scents of oak preview a soaring intensity on the palate. A drop of water increases the herbal note, while also introducing a familiar waxy hint.




A very smooth, mouth-filling texture introduces a lively taste that is rich and wine-sweet overall, the palate well-balanced by snarling peppery, oaky spice. A little water enhances the sweetness, steers the smoothness of the texture towards waxiness and rounds the flavours, which soon give way again to spicy heat.


Quite long, chili-spiced, and appetisingly drying, with lingering pepper. A little water enhances the creamy- smooth texture and adds a little more spice.

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