Bunnahabhain Staoisha 7 Year Old Single Malt - Artist Collective 2013

We can no longer Bunnahabhain, this version reveals, at first, with a rare generosity and a lot of candor, all the richness of its aromatic and taste palette. In a second step, she strives to highlight all the depth and all the complexity of it. Intensely malty, peaty, medicinal saline and ashy, it is also wonderfully floral, fruity, honeyed and minty.

Wealth, complex. Malt, peat, honey, mint.

Color: bright gold.
Nose: rich, concentrated. On the first nose, a medicinal peat (dressing, balm), lemon and milky (coconut) takes over the olfactory space. After aeration, strong spices (black pepper, cloves) rub shoulders with white flowers (lily, iris) while malted barley comes into play. It carries with it scents of geranium, vetiver and musk. Finally, barley sugar provides a lot of smoothness to the aromatic palette.
Palate: precise, dynamic. The attack on the palate does not go by four ways to impose its peaty, smoky, ashy, medicinal and salty tones. Once this terpene storm has passed, fresh fruits (pear, mirabelle plum), citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit) and fresh nuts rise to the surface of the taste palette. Later, acacia honey, peppermint, nutmeg, liquorice and exotic fruits (pineapple, banana) add to the aftertaste.
Overall: long, satiating. Surprisingly concentrated, the start of the final sees the peat not letting go of its influence. With authority, she breathes a lot of rhythm into the tasting. At this moment, the flavors of a peaty and camphorated distillate flood the palate. Luminous, the retro-olfaction takes us along the shore to breathe sea and iodized air. Scents of seaweed and field flowers (dandelion) perfume the atmosphere. The empty glass is a block of peat from which spray and salt escapes.

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