Bowmore 18 Year Dragon Festive Box with Premium Rock Glass ABV 43% 700ml


Bundle Consist Of:


1x Bowmore 18 Years Single Malt Whisky 700ml

1x Bowmore Whisky Rock Glass


Bowmore 18 Years Single Malt Whisky:

A Masterful Combination Cosseted away in the fi nest, hand-selected oak casks and allowed to mature at its own sedate pace, this is one of the most remarkable, perfectly balanced malts of its kind.


Colour:  Mellow mahogany

Nose:    Classic Bowmore smokiness, perfectly tempered with creamy caramel, chocolate and ripe fruit aromas

Palate:  Beautiful soft fruit and chocolate balanced with a light smokiness - incredibly complex

Finish:    Long and wonderfully balanced finish

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