Ballechin 14 Years 2008 Single Malt Scotch Whisky Grand Arome Rum Cask#226 ABV 61% 700ml


BALLECHIN - 2008 - 14 years old - Grand Arome Savanna Rum Cask - 61%


Edradour is a Highland whiskey distillery located in the village of Moulin , near Pitlochry. It is the smallest traditional Scotch whiskey distillery and the last small agricultural producer from the Victorian era still in production. She is also known for her connection with the New York Mafia. Edradour was founded in 1825 as Glenforres Distillery by a cooperative of local farmers. In 1938, Irving Haim, an agent of New York mob boss Frank Costello, became the largest shareholder. On Haim's death in 1976, the business was sold to an American-Australian consortium of companies, then to a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard in 1982. Since 2002 the distillery has been owned by Signatory Vintage Ltd. The distillery retains many traditional features and antique pieces of equipment. For example, the vat wort is cooled by the latest commercial Morton refrigerator, using only cold water. No process is computer controlled.


This limited edition Ballechin was distilled on September 10, 2008 and aged for 14 years in a Single Cask ( #226). The whiskey is refined in barrels that have contained Grand Arôme Savanna rum . 480 bottles were produced.

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