Ardbeg Monster Of Smoke 3x 200ml (Gift Pack) (Ardbeg 5 ABV 47.4% & Ardbeg 10 ABV 46% & Ardbeg Ao ABV 46.6%)


Containing a 20 cL bottle each of Ardbeg's iconic smoky single-malt whiskies, the Monsters of Smoke trio unleashes flavour in a big way. Each collectable bottle is decorated with a unique artwork hiding beneath the label. Peel to reveal yours.

Includes the flagship Ardbeg Ten Years Old, the feisty and youthful Ardbeg Five Years Old Wee Beastie and Ardbeg An Oa, an incredibly complex Islay scotch finished in three different types of cask.



Ardbeg Ten Years Old – A veritable explosion of flavours includes lime juice, black pepper and cinnamon-spiced toffee, which precede smooth buttermilk, ripe bananas and currants.

Ardbeg Five Years Old Wee Beastie – Rich and textured, with chocolate, tar and cracked black pepper in the mouth. The finish is long with hints of fudge and savoury meats.

Ardbeg An Oa – On the palate, this is a smooth and creamy whisky, with flavours of chocolate, toffee and smoky spices, all balanced by a lingering, smoothly sweet finish.

By Mickey Heads,Ardbeg Distillery Manager & Chairman of the Ardbeg Committee

Type: Islay - LVMH

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