Glenmorangie Tribute 16 Years Old ABV 43% 1000ml (1L)



ISC 2020: Gold

Travel Retail Spirits Masters 2020: Gold


Created exclusively for travellers, this zesty and rounded single malt pays homage to the lightly peated whisky of Glenmorangie’s past. Looking back at the time when our barley was dried in a peat-fired kiln, we distilled a heritage spirit batch, with a touch of smoke. Aged in American oak bourbon casks for smoothness and skilfully married with our signature spirit, our 16-year-old Tribute delights with its creamy vanilla and zesty citrus notes.


AROMA: Fresh flowers entwine with gentle smoke, vanilla and a distinctive mossy scent. Then charred notes come to the fore, with whispers of lemon and orange.

TASTE: Smooth on the palate, with the sweetness of vanilla cream, pears, almonds and star anise, set against fennel, grapefruit and salted fudge.

FINISH: A subtle smokiness fades into classic Glenmorangie notes of citrus, vanilla and toffee.

THE PERFECT SERVE: Enjoy neat or with a little water or 2-3 large rocks of ice

STORAGE ADVICE: Store upright in a cool, dark, dry place

ABV: 43.0 % Vol.

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