December 04, 2016

Good day to you!

Ever wondered what the person next to you in the bar was ordering? Today's post is dedicated to helping you understand bar terms used when ordering drinks. Below are some common terms used along with their meanings. 

Neat: Pouring liquor in your glass unadorned (plain and simple), at room temperature

On the rocks: Pouring liquor over ice in a glass

A splash of water or water back: having an additional glass of water on the side

Straight up or Up: Similar to ‘neat’ but the drink is chilled with ice (shaken or stirred) and served in a cocktail glass

Straight: This term can be used two ways. For darker spirits, it means ‘neat’ e.g. bourbon straight but for white spirits, it would mean ‘up’ i.e. chilled and served.

But ultimately nobody is going to judge if you state what you want in simple terms. After all, drinking is meant to be enjoyed. Hoped you found this useful!

Bottoms up, 
The Whisky Shop