Highland Park 15 Years Valhalla Collection - Freya


The third in Highland Park's Valhalla Collection, Freya is named for the Norse goddess associated with fertility, wealth and war. The whisky yet again aims to take on the character of its namesake, with sweetness and tropical fruit backed up by gentle peat smoke. 

TASTING NOTES (by Whiskyfun.com)

I know, I'm very late. Apparently, Freya used to be the Norse goddess of love. Why not choose a pink bottle then, instead of this Flubber green? Colour: white wine. Nose: it is Highland Park au naturel, close to the barley, with some beer, some leaven, some mashed vegetables, some barley water, some almonds and then touches of melon skin (not the flesh), apple peelings and cut grass. I find it pretty austere and very ‘Northern Highlands’, and even a little old skool. With water: even more grains, as well as a little wood smoke. Notes of greengages bring a little fruitiness. Mouth (neat): a little pungent, quite peppery, acrid, with even more peelings and skins than in the nose. Plenty of nutmeg and ginger, probably from some rather active oak. Not a rounded, polished HP for sure. With water: more of all that, with also a little leather and leaves. Chewing tobacco. Finish: quite long, relatively smoky. Lemon, then more oaky spices in the aftertaste. Comments: I enjoy the ‘honesty’ in this, but I don’t find this green and smoky goddess of love particularly sexy. SGP:372 - 82 points.


Distillery Highland Park
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Bottle No./Released -/-
Vintage -
Age 15
Bottler Official Bottling
Bottling Date 2014
ABV/ Volume 51.2%/ 70cl
Rating/SGP 82/372
Cask Number -


Category: Rare

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