Glenfiddich Age of Discovery 19 Years Red Wine Cask Finish


Released for the Glenfiddich's Travel Retail Age of Discovery series, this is a 19 year old single malt Scotch whisky which has been treated to a red wine cask finish. It was created to commemorate the 1831 voyage of the HMS Beagle, which travelled to South America so Charles Darwin could collect fossils, helping him with his theory of evolution.


Nose: Green apples and nutmeg jump out of the glass first, which isn’t all that surprising. This pair often surfaces in limited release Glenfiddichs, as well as single cask Glen Elgins. Other flavors become noticeable after the grand entrance, revealing lemon zest, oak tannin, shortbread, vanilla creme, trace hints of dried red wine, apricot, and raspberry.

Palate: The oak kicks things off with some white pepper and allspice. At this point, sweet nothings come rolling down the tongue. There’s raspberry, lemon ginger, and clotted cream (that’s gone a bit rancid). A pronounced graham cracker note emerges near the finish, and then the oak spices take over again.


    Volume 70cl
    ABV 40%
    Type Single Malt Whisky
    With Box


    Category: Common

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