Bowmore 30 Years Kranna Dubh (Celtic Sea Dragon)


This Rare Limited Edition expression of Bowmore has been exclusively produced for the travel market. A beautiful bottle in cased in a black presentation box lined with red silky material. 

Bowmore 30 years old depicts the Celtic legend of the sea dragon 'Kranna Dubh' who once inhabited the depths of Loch Indaal, the sea loch over looked by Bowmore Distillery. Legend has it that Loch Indaal turned red with blood when a great Scottish warrior slayed the dragon with his magical sword. 

To this day, it is said, that on certain evenings the Loch still turns red with the blood of 'Krannaj Dubh'. Whether this is the case or if it is simply the reflection of one Islay's magical sunsets, we will leave for you to decide... 

Please note that Rust & Oxidation to the hinges, please refer to images.



A brand new version of the ‘Seadragon’, now in glass and called ‘'Kranna Dubh'’, who used to be a dragon who once inhabited the depths of Loch Indaal (another legend). Colour: gold – amber. Nose: starts very smoky and with quite some sherry (dry like a fino) and something rather vegetal (smoked tea, moss, fern.) Hints of tropical fruits after that (more oranges studded with cloves than passion fruits or mangos). Gets smokier with time, with notes of coal oven… And then lots of kumquats together with something clearly farmy (wet hay, ‘clean’ manure). Also dried kelp. Rather beautiful I must say.
Mouth: a bit dry at the attack, tannic, but not overly so, quite bold considering it’s only at 43% ABV. Quite citrusy again, ‘candied’, with a little peat and an enjoyable smokiness. Goes on with bitter chocolate, toffee, hints of rosehip tea, crystallised orange zests… The finish is rather long but alas, quite tannic, drying, almost like over-infused tea. But that’s no big flaw, the whole is great whisky, with rather more body than the older Seadragon (the ceramic version). 90 points.


    Distillery Bowmore
    Classification Single Malt Whisky
    Bottle No./Released -/1800
    Vintage -
    Age 30
    Bottler Official Bottling
    Bottling Date 2006
    ABV/ Volume 43.0%/ 70cl
    Rating/SGP 90/-
    Cask Number -


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