Ardbeg 25 Years - Lord of the Isles


Given the success and cult-like fan base that Ardbeg has recently enjoyed, it is almost impossible to imagine that the distillery was closed, on and off, for 15 years until it was purchased by Glenmorangie. Sitting on the southern coast line, the current distillery was founded in 1815, the original having been destroyed by excise men. The Ardbeg spirit still is fitted with a purifier which many believe accounts for its fruity, zesty character.

The Lords of the Isles ruled the Western Isles of Scotland from the 12th to the 15th centuries.

This is a spectacular 25 year old Ardbeg. Stunning packaging, which includes a collectable scroll. One of the more scarce Ardbeg bottles.

Please note box does not shut properly. Also there is some marking, blistering and minor damage to interior.


Ardbeg 25 Years - Lord of the Isles (Bot. 2001)

Yes, that's the one in the green coffin - by the way the new bottling for the Festival 2004 comes in a green coffin too... Tastes and colours... Anyway, imagine I never tasted this one before! Nose: very smoky but not especially ‘peaty’. Or let’s put it this way: only the ‘smoky’ component shine through. A little restrained. Lots of ripe apple. Heavy peat arises after a while, though, together with some grassy, farmy notes. Mouth: bold and rich with some tropical fruit and a load of peat and smoke. Very nice balance. This is pure Ardbeg, even if I think there are some (even) better versions around (OB Provenance, Douglas Laing OMC or Platinum etc.) The ‘LOTI’ just lacks a little complexity in my opinion, but has a very, very long finish. 92 points (Davin 92, Ho-cheng 91, Olivier 92).


    Distillery Ardbeg
    Classification Single Malt Whisky
    Bottle No./Released -/-
    Vintage -
    Age 25
    Bottler Official Bottling
    Bottling Date -
    ABV/ Volume 46.0%/ 70cl
    Rating/SGP -/-
    Cask Number -


    Category: Rare

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